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East Lounge

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Meeting Spaces

The Tribute Communities Centre provides the perfect backdrop for events of distinction, from large to small. From galas and weddings to corporate meetings and holiday parties, the Tribute Communties Centre is the most versatile event space in the area. The unique setting adds a warmth and polish to every event. Pair this incredible location with a world class culinary program and you've got an event to remember!

East Lounge

The East Lounge provides a more relaxed view of the main bowl. This area, along with all spaces in our facility, are multi-use and offer full carpeting, high top tables and leather chairs that are sure to make your large group feel right at home.

Suggested Capacity: 100-150

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West Plaza

Also located on the second level, the West Plaza is ideal for group functions. This area provides the perfect spot for group training, information or job fairs, and a variety of interactive activities.

Suggested Capacity: 100-150

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Leisure Room

Whether you’re gathering with friends, having a staff meeting, or planning an organizations retreat, this space is for you. Complete with comfortable seating, a fireplace, and the option of having a more private setting for your next function, why not consider this from – where business meets leisure.
Suggested Capacity: 20-70

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Lower Prospects Bar & Grill

Our in-venue restaurant, Prospects Bar & Grill, is located on the North side of the building looking out on to Athol Street. The restaurant opened in 2006 and offers a wide variety of meal, beverage, and hosting options.
Suggested Capacity: 75-125

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Upper Prospects Bar & Grill

Located on the second level, Upper Prospects provides you with a more intimate restaurant setting. Set upstairs above the main restaurant, this area is sure to create the perfect setting for your function.
Suggested Capacity: 50-100

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Rink 1 and Rink 2

The Main Bowl at the Tribute Communities Centre, and the second ice rink, are both available to be rented for various functions. These two locations would be the largest within the Tribute Communities Centre, and can be set-up in a variety of ways.

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We would be more than happy to assist you in making your next event a memorable one. As pricing and capacity varies based on length of rental, and set-up requirements, please fill out your contact information below, so we can provide you with a more detailed outline of all areas.