Sep 24 / 2019


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2019 - Spectra, operators of the Tribute Communities Centre, has created Sensory Kits to be distributed during all events at the venue to give all guests the best fan experience in Oshawa. The sensory kits come on the heels of other recent accessibility projects such as the reconstruction of Red Tilson Lane, the new antenna for Hearing Assistance Devices, and the new tributecommunitiescentre.com website scheduled to launch in 2020. The free Sensory Kits will become available starting for the Oshawa Generals Home Opener on Sunday, September 29, 2019. Sensory Kits can be reserved online now at www.tributecommunitiescentre.com/accessibility.


In fulfilling their purpose, Spectra is committed to operate and maintain the Tribute Communities Centre with the highest standards in order to provide a world-class sports and entertainment facility that is clean, safe, offers exceptional customer service and products, and offers something for everyone. Spectra strives to provide people with disabilities the same opportunities to access the venue while allowing them to benefit from the same services in a similar way as other customers.


“Sensory Kits are important as it allows families to make memories and have experiences like everyone else,” stated Gail Smith, Spectra’s Assistant Ticketing Manager and Accessibility Coordinator at the Tribute Communities Centre. “Our Sensory Kits will make attending our events easier if guests know in advance a kit is ready and waiting for them to use.”

Spectra is making things easier for individuals with autism, dementia or traumatic brain injuries as they may currently find the visual or auditory environment at the arena overwhelming from the bright lights and loud noises. The tools within each Sensory Kit will be useful to them and assist them in enjoying an event with greater comfort. Each Sensory Kit contains:


  • A small drawstring bag
  • A pair of noise reducing earmuffs and ear plugs
  • A pair of anti-glare glasses
  • A “fidget” toy
  • Communication cards that allow nonverbal guests to communicate their mood and whether they need something
  • Identification wristband which can note family’s location and contact number in the case of confusion or separation
  • Venue map which outlines main gates, family restrooms and elevators
  • Event schedule (as available)

Fans can reserve a Sensory Kit online at www.tributecommunitiescentre.com/accessibility or by contacting Gail Smith, Assistant Ticketing Manager and Accessibility Coordinator at [email protected] or 905-438-8881 x222. Guests can pickup their reserved Sensory Kit with a valid piece of photo ID at the Guest Services Desk located on the Main Concourse behind Section 102. Guests will be required to leave valid identification such as a driver’s license as collateral. Once the event has ended, guests are asked to return the kit to the Guest Services Desk where it will be inventoried, sanitized and restocked as required for future use.


More Accessible Projects at the Tribute Communities Centre


The City of Oshawa also recently completed the reconstruction of Red Tilson Lane which contains accessibility parking for guests at the Tribute Communities Centre. Through this reconstruction, an additional two accessible parking spaces were created for a total of 17. The laneway is now completely barrier free from raising the entire lot eight inches to ensure there are no curbs to increase the ease of access to and from the walkway.


With the installation of the new sound system this summer, a new antenna was installed in the venue for the Hearing Assistance Devices which were previously available to those that required one. This new antenna is two-times more powerful than the previous and has been field verified throughout the entire main arena for sound quality and signal strength which will provide those utilizing this technology, a better experience at events.


The Tribute Communities Centre will work with Carbonhouse to launch a new website in 2020 that will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and reach WCAG 2.0 AA elements. The areas of concentration for web accessibility implementation will be to make the website perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust so that content can be used reliably by a wide variety of users, including assistive technologies.


Those looking for more information on Accessibility at the Tribute Communities Centre, can visit www.tributecommunitiescentre.com/accessibility or contact Gail Smith at [email protected].


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