Dec 15 / 2019


6 UK tours
5 illusionists/magicians
3 hundred thousand plus attendees
2+ hours
1 incredible show

20 minutes to show time and anticipation is building.

As the lights go down and the fog goes up - an eerie silence falls over the crowd and it begins!

First on stage is the Innovative Illusionist duo of Young and Strange. They give off a very Penn and Teller old time magic vibe and the potential is there for some “campy” magic to set the mood and they do not disappoint! Lots of energy and a great start to the show.

champions of magicchampions of magic

Next to hit the stage is Master Mind Reader Alex McAleer who invited himself into some people’s thoughts and left many scratching their heads!

champions of magicchampions of magic

Escape artist Fernando Velasco was the next to take the stage and shock us with his first escape of the night. Can you hear the applause Fernando?

champions of magic
champions of magic

No big capes or flashing lights for the next performer but lots of confidence and a “magic dance” - enter “up close” magician in heels Kayla Drescher. The only female of the magical entourage took the stage and earned the applause. To be able to do slight of hand magic with a camera inches away broadcasting everything - awesome!

champions of magic
champions of magicchampions of magic

The magicians took the stage a couple more times each throughout the rest of the evening and were met with applause as they completed their acts.

The show had it all - slight of hand, aerial performance, strobe lights, water and fire - but not together! And a Las Vegas-esqe finale by Young and Strange before they all disappeared in a shower of glitter and confetti!

champions of magic

All in all a great show - made even better by being able to share it with my young children and see the wonder on their faces as they were in awe of the magic taking place just a few feet away! The memories? Priceless - a must see show!

#TCCreviewer: @Sherri Norton
Photos by: @Spectra / @William Balfour

champions of magic