SuperGroup Program

Offer discounted tickets to your employees and members.

What is the SuperGroup Program?

We offer discounted tickets to your employees and members, with no cost or effort to your organization. Our SuperGroup Program allows you to send promotional ticket offers by email to your employees and members to receive discounted ticket offers and presale opportunities for a variety of shows and sporting events.

All we require is a designated person in your workplace to receive a personalized email offer from us that can be forwarded on to your coworkers/employees/members. This program is a great opportunity for groups to network with fellow members and enjoy quality entertainment at discounted prices.

Simply contact our Group Sales Department today to see if your organization qualifies!

How It Works

We will provide you with a one-page PDF flyer that will have the following information:

  • Your Organization's exclusive promotional discount code
  • Event ticket information with pricing
  • Offer expiration date and additional fee information
  • Methods to purchase with the promotional discount code

Contact us

For more information on this program and to see if your organization is eligible, contact: